Sam Coupé Computer

Processor: Z80b running at 6Mhz
ROM: 32K Basic language and BIOS
RAM: 256K or 512K
Sound: 6 channel, 8 octave stereo sound chip
Graphics: up to 256x192 pixels, 16 colours

Emulator for the Sam Coupé runs under many Operating Systems


Produces SAM Revival magazine. Also builds and sells hardware.

World of Sam

Database web site with information and opinions from Sam Coupé users.

Steve Software Manuals


Fred was a monthly disk magazine which started in mid 1990 copies of which are available from world of sam.

Sam coupe logo

Outpost Rescue

Coming Soon? New Game for the Sam Coupé. Loosely based on retros which was on Fred 45. Expected release 2015.

Fido demo screen shot

Fido Demo

Based on the demo by Colin Piggot and also using his graphics. This was written to use the power of jam assembler's macros etc also uses the external meg to get more speed. Improvements to the demo was also single pixel scrolling.

Download Fido


This program was written to see if it was possible to full scrolling football game. Because the Sam Coupé does not have any hardware scrolling or any blitter functions, so it was very doubtful if it was possible.

sam paint masker loading screen

Sam Paint Masker

This program took Sam Paint's (an art application) block graphics and added mask data to it. This appeared in Fred 75 in 1996.

Fast Player

This program uses E-Trackers mod data to generate its own data and player. This player could be used in your own programs to use less processor time. This appeared in Fred 58 in 1995.

Space Junk screen shot

Space Junk

The second demo which was a playable game. The idea was to avoid the junk moving across the screen by moving your ship up and down. This appeared in Fred 55, in 1995.

Super Jack screen shot

Super Jack

This was my first demo program, written in 1994 and appeared in Fred 48.