Jam Assembler v1.141

New Version update to extended commands including:

Now released

Coming Soon?

Outpost Rescue

New Game for the Sam Coupé. Expected release 2015

Outpost Rescue Title screen

PC Software


This program is used to convert a BMP file (24bit or 8bit) of any size into a format that will work with a SAM Coupé. Main use is so you can draw graphics on a PC/Mac etc. for use on the SAM Coupé. Converts colours to 7bit and makes a palette of 16 colors from the most used colours. You can also set a starting palette of colours you need (very useful for games that need fixed colours)

Download BMPtoSAM


LDesign screen shot


This program was written to design levels for the COD game. I needed a quick way of making the level data for the game instead of designing them on paper then working out the text file to produce the design.





Compile screen shot


This program is part of the LDesign program it is used to covert the design and merge multiple levels and store two text files one for the main grid of the level and another one for the tracks for the aliens to follow