Jam Assembler v1.141

New Version update to extended commands including:

Now released

Coming Soon?

Outpost Rescue

New Game for the Sam Coupé. Expected release 2015

Outpost Rescue Title screen

The Blog

The idea of this blog is say what I've been doing in the computer world.

5th December

Continued with this web site, Why does Java script just does nothing if something is written wrong? All done now and uploaded on to the next project

30th November 2013

Starting to design this web site. Put my ideas on paper, which are in a nutshell make the theme of the sam coupe so means black background, white for normal text and primary colours for most of the other parts. Use a sans-serif font not going use a fixed space font because that would make it harder to read I think

Before November 2013

Started to design Outpost rescue and code the Title screen and opening text. Worked out the mapping system and drawn the first testing screen. Also wrote a bitmap converter for use with the game, still needs some work so don't get repeating colors

Jam Assembler

Started to add some extended commands like LD A,(HL)+ needs more work because some commands that shouldn't have the + allow it.